RosholmDell is a young, innovative law firm and our mantra is “Useful Legal Services”. Since 2011, we have been building up Sweden’s best commercial law firm by applying a new and unique business model which differs from traditional approaches. We apply LEAN principles in EVERYTHING we do in order to continuously improve. In addition, we coach all employees individually on a monthly basis, allow each employee to take responsibility and give them the opportunity to determine how much they want to influence and develop the firm. We have a flat organisation which applies a true partnership model, creating a forum and structures which allow for continuous feedback on, and improvements to, our leadership.

The practical experience of our employees ranges from newly employed to nearly 20 years. Our senior attorneys have many years of experience working at large commercial law firms, as deputy judges in the courts and as in-house counsel at some of Sweden’s most successful companies. In addition to general commercial law, most of our attorneys possess special expertise in areas ranging from contracts, transactions, labour law, corporate law, real estate law, IP and IT law, railways and public transportation, public procurement and litigation.

While we provide highly specialised legal advice to some of the most prominent actors in business and industry, both in Sweden and internationally, we also advise many inspiring start-ups which we also sponsor, among others, Företagsfabriken in Växjö, HETCH in Helsingborg, Science Park in Kalmar and Minc in Malmö.


At RosholmDell we uphold the following values and principles


We make our clients successful

  • Listen to the client and take responsibility to ensure our product is the best the client can receive
  • Create trust by being reliable
  • Striving to always be successful – even in difficult situations and adversity

We are professional

  • Understand the client’s business
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Always deliver on time

We deliver quality

  • Always strive towards continuous improvement
  • Maintain orderliness and uniformity
  • Dedicate time to the details

We execute

  • Share and independently research information
  • Securing a lead through quick decisions
  • Only simple solutions have the prospect of success

We are a team who support each other

  • Respect each other – do what you can to help others progress
  • A written and a spoken word are equal
  • Equal opportunity, equality, and solidarity
  • We stay active in our work to counteract cultures of silence
  • We can and must point out any abuse of power

We work toward common goals

  • Profitability
  • Our goals are my goals
  • We are proud of our company

We have a good time together

  • We have fun in each other’s company
  • An open atmosphere and culture of dialogue
  • Our doors are open