We educate the lawyers of the future. People with client and result focus. Lawyers who can handle the business law of the future. Are you driven to be the best at what you do?


Since 2011, we have been building a business law firm that provides our clients with high-quality Useful legal services.

Today, we are around 30 employees, split between lawyers and business supporting employees. Even though we work in different locations and in different business groups, we work as a team. We do this easily and efficiently through digital and web-based systems.

We work based on LEAN principles to focus on what creates value for our clients. Therefore, we apply these principles at all levels and in everything we do to achieve continuous improvement.

In order to focus on our common goals, without individual financial incentives, we operate based on a so-called True partnership-model. The profits are equally divided between the partners and the remuneration of the lawyers is the same for those with the same experience.

We know that this is the best way for us to collectively improve the firm as well as each other. We also know that this is the best way for us to provide high-quality Useful legal services to our clients.


Our employees are our greatest asset. With us, the employees are offered the opportunity to work with complex business law in both national and international contexts. Our clients are operating in many different industries and consists of, among others, municipalities, regions, micro businesses in expansive phases, owner-managed companies, publicly traded companies, and global corporate groups that demand comprehensive knowledge and competence.

All employees at RosholmDell have a education plan that is reviewed, followed up and updated annually. All employees also have a coaching conversation every other month with representatives from our management team. The conversations are based on a proprietary model we call PACE. We have applied the model since the beginning and developed it along the way. The model is basically aimed at the development of our employees, management, and the firm as a whole. We believe that such development can be achieved through systematic work based on openness and responsibility. Therefore, every employee has both an opportunity and a responsibility to influence and develop our firm. For that reason, we have also forums and structures for ongoing feedback and continuous improvement of our leadership. We are building the firm together and the fact that all employees express their opinion is a prerequisite for our success.


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