The new “Whistleblower Act” requires many companies to revise or establish processes for handling whistleblower reports. An increasing number of businesses are also subject to the requirement to establish a so-called whistleblower function. This function serves as a reporting channel for receiving, handling, investigating and documenting whistleblower reports. RosholmDell offers a comprehensive solution to simplify compliance with the law’s requirements. Our offer also includes solutions to meet the legal requirements for providing information.

RosholmDell provides a web-based channel that is easy for businesses to make available to those who need to access it. Through this channel, individuals who are aware of or suspect serious misconduct within the company can access information on how and when to file a whistleblower report, report anonymously, and track their case.

This service is a cost-effective, easy, and secure way to implement the legal requirements.

For more information on the whistleblower function or the regulations, please contact Kerstin Eifrém,,  0046 (0) 709 795 140.