Commercial dispute resolution

RosholmDell’s practice group specializing in dispute resolution operates by providing comprehensive support to our clients throughout their operations. In the event of a dispute, we offer our clients extensive experience in litigation, both in public courts and in arbitral proceedings. Our team includes several lawyers with many years of experience from the judicial system, ensuring our clients receive expert advice and representation.

We understand the importance of being available to our clients when they need us most. Therefore, we follow our clients closely throughout their operations, ready to provide assistance and guidance whenever necessary. Our goal is to accompany our clients through the entire legal process, from the initial stages of a dispute to its resolution.

As strategic partners to our clients, we are committed to providing personalized service that caters to their unique needs. We actively participate in meetings and discussions between the parties involved in the dispute, and we work closely with our clients to develop effective strategies for reaching a favorable outcome.

Workshops and seminars

We regularly host workshops and seminars within the field. To stay informed, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

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Johan Norrlin (head of team), Carolina Thoft, Nicklas Lång, Peter Lennartz, Martin Klarin, Sebastian Hallberg, Nathalie Andersson, Linn Månsson