Intellectual property and IT-law

The IT and intellectual property law practice group at RosholmDell has a wealth of experience in dealing with highly intricate legal and commercial issues in these fields. We offer top-level assistance in intellectual property strategies for safeguarding and licensing intellectual assets. Our approach is focused on providing business-oriented support that combines deep legal expertise with a thorough understanding of your enterprise. Our extensive knowledge covers virtually all aspects of intellectual property and IT law, including copyright, trademark law, companies, patents, domain names, and software.

Our group assists clients in drafting and negotiating various types of agreements, including acquisition agreements, license agreements, cooperation agreements, and research and development agreements, among others. Additionally, we provide guidance in the event of disputes arising from intellectual property rights (patents, copyright, trademarks, and designs) and trade secrets. We also manage transaction-related issues pertaining to intellectual property.

Workshops and seminars

We regularly host workshops and seminars within the field. To stay informed, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

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Anders Rosholm (head of team), Rebecca Zackrisson, Viktor Johansson, Linn Månsson