RosholmDell Advokatbyrå has been named one of Sweden’s “Super Companies 2020” (Sw. Superföretag) by Veckans Affärer and Bisnode. To become a Super Company, you must have had better growth, profit, return, efficiency, capital structure and financing than other comparable companies – in this case law firms. It is not enough to have a positive development over one or two years – you must have performed very well under each parameter during four consecutive years.

– We are very proud of the award and see it as proof that our customer base is increasing year after year and that our clients are satisfied with the top quality of our legal services and our high level of service, says Martin Dell. Our principle is to always provide feedback to our customers the same day and preferably within a few hours of them contacting us. Bisnode themselves point out that the named companies do things differently from their competition which fits very well with our business as we put a very high focus on training and developing our skilled business lawyers to be able provide useful legal services to our clients that we ourselves would have liked to receive.

If your company also values ​​being provided with useful legal services to be able to continue on your successful business journey – contact Martin Dell and we will get back to you as soon as possible.